Monday, April 27, 2009

Where are the behind-the-scenes photos of the cast?


According to Executive Producer Jim Carleton, the reason we haven't published any photos of the cast is contractual.

When your brand and your livelihood is your "look," you want to make sure you're always at your best for a photo. With actors concentrating on their parts, they don't have the opportunity to smile and pose for the silly behind-the-scenes photographer.

So the producers made a contractual agreement with the cast -- the photographer is given full access to the set to shoot freely. Any cast photo the producers might want to use for publicity, or DVD extras, is submitted to the cast member for approval.

Since the film is keeping much of the story and look of the actors under-wraps, the producers have decided not to publish any behind-the-scenes photos of the cast at this time.

That gives you a little hope, doesn't it?


Andrew Kurz said...

I get why you would want to have a closed set; otherwise your movie may get popular for other reasons.. like Christian Bale's new movie. =)

Haruka said...

I understand why there's no behind-the-scenes photos. I hope your movie is a huge success! I'm sure it will because the story is very interesting!

Karl said...
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