Friday, April 24, 2009

Tom Arnold Plays a Pivotal Role

Joining the cast of Endure is actor/comedian/sports commentator Tom Arnold. With four films in various stages of production, the always-busy actor comes to Endure after a recent guest-staring stint on E.R.

First recognized as a stand-up comedian, Arnold was a writer/actor for the Roseanne show. After the series ended, Arnold often guest-starred on comedies such as "Malcom in the Middle" and "Arli$$." He's also a mainstay on late-night talk shows trading jokes with Jay Leno, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, and Jimmy Kimmel.

While Arnold's early work was primarily comedic, he has started accepting more dramatic roles in both television and film.

Endure producers haven't released details about Arnold's character, but expressed that the actor is playing a pivotal role in the film.

photo of Tom Arnold and Pierce Brosnan courtesy and CC by the1secondfilm.

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