Friday, April 24, 2009

Clare Kramer Brings it On to Endure

Yes, you recognize Clare Kramer from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Her 13-episode arc as "Glory" is a fan favorite. As Buffy's primarily protagonist from Season 5, she was a villain fans loved to hate.

The Georgia-born actor is returning to the South to join the cast of Endure. The film's producers haven't released many details about the role, but the role opens the movie and drives the film's plot.

Writer-Director Joe O'Brien auditioned many actresses for the part, but couldn't find one who expressed all emotions needed until he cast Kramer.

For more information about Clare Kramer, see her filmography at IMDB.

Photo courtesy Clare Kramer

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Jess said...

Good casting! I'm a huge fan of Devon Sawa and Clare from Buffy.

I love Clare's sarcastic tone. I don't know how you plan on using her in the movie, but on Buffy, she had this great attitude about her.

Your movie is really interesting and even more, with the great cast involved. Thanks for adding both Devon and Clare!