Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Production Meeting

The production offices have quickly become overcrowded. The building stays buzzing as people walk in, out, and through. There are quick introductions as crew members meet.

At 10:30, the first full Monday Production Meeting fills the conference room. The session gives crew from each discipline the opportunity to tell the rest what their week will bring. Questions are asked, requests are made, and needs are noted.

Afterwards, Producer Rob Tritton talks about the importance of such a meeting to start the week. How it helps the crew plan and know what to expect from their peers.

Even after the big meeting, there's a lot of commotion. Small offices hold meetings of two, three, or five, hallway discussions are quick and to the point, phone calls must be made in noisy open offices.

There's just not much time to relax. This week the crew needs to try out the cameras, send test film, break down shots, shoot photo boards, lock down locations, set up transportation, cast a stray character, and make numerous other decisions and duties.

Yet, Rob calls next week "Hell Week." Next week will be the last for pre-production. Shooting commences April 20th.

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