Thursday, April 16, 2009

Devon Sawa added to Endure cast

Devon Sawa has joined the cast of Endure. The Canadian-born actor made a splash in SLC Punk! and Final Destination. Eminem fans will also remember Sawa as "Stan."

Extreme Dating's Mark Roberts on Sawa:
“One of the best things about Devon is how cool and relaxed he is in front of the camera which translates into a fun, watchable and likable character. He’s a real natural." - Fan site


Amanda said...

I am taking a girls vacation to Florida in a few weeks, right before Memorial Day, are you guys going to be near Ft. Meyers that weekend?? I have been wanting to get a pic with Devon Sawa since his Wild America days! It would be great to see what you guys are doing with this new film!

Aidan Riley McCann said...

I lovvvvve Devon! Since Casper... :)

ShayShay said...

I have never really gotten the chance to meet Devon Sawa but i really would love too..though i really don't think it's going to happen or if he will even get to read this i really have no idea who's reading this but he's one amazing actor and my favorite movie was indeed the first time i noticed him when he played Anton Tobias in Idle Hands with Jessica Alba i'm only 15 i actually just turned 15 4 days ago. So i'm kinda slow with the whole Devon thing i have seen a lot of his movies and loved all of them...His performance as Alex B in FD was outstanding and i was a lil mad when he wasn't in FD2, FD3 or FD4 i know Devon has been around for a long time and there are many others that would love to meet you too and have been waiting a lot longer then i have but i just wanted to say I'm real happy to see you on the big screen again...i know your just a regular person and i don't idolize you because i was told the only person i idolize is God...but i have to say your one amazing and inspiring person...if we don't even get a chance to meet Devon i just wanted to Thank you for being Real for not letting all the fame go to your head if i had a Dad i would love for him to be a lot like you. Thank for taking to time to read who ever you are. STAY TRUE DEVON..god bless you.

Some Chikk Named Shannon :)