Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stu Stone Stays Loose

After the bustle of the first day, the film is moving along at a less hectic, but steady, pace. It needs to be steady. With the call at 7am, the production doesn't end until early evening.

Not every discipline is busy every moment, but you won't find a minute where everyone is standing and waiting. There is always something that needs to be adjusted, replaced, or touched-up.

Tuesday, a scene was filmed in a tiny room barely able to hold a desk, three actors, and the two cameras. The director was forced to sit 20 feet away in another room. Watching the action on two monitors, he would judge a take, jump to his feet, and hurry into the room to discuss the scene before the next take.

He walks through a hallway so narrow that the crew stands like a bucket brigade ready to put out a fire. Representatives of each discipline stand ready to help if needed.

Inside the actors wait patiently in position as the cameras, sound, and directors reset. That particular scene starts with a closeup on actor Stu Stone. Before the slate clicks Stone winks and smiles at the camera. Mugging a bit for an appreciate audience of two: the director and the script supervisor.

During another set up, Stone takes a moment to tell a joke to Judd Nelson and Devon Sawa. Watching the soundless camera monitors, Sawa's sudden smile indicates Stone has reached the punchline.

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Haruka said...

Can't wait to see his "serious" acting as a forensics cop in the movie =)