Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tyler Billingsley Behind the Scenes

The Endure crew is a mix of those with years of big budget experience, those working on their first feature film, those who move for projects, and Lakelanders who have worked with previously with Joe, Jim, and Rob. One of the "locals" is Tyler Billingsley. In 2003 he stopped by NFocus, Jim, Joe, and Rob's company. With an interest in video production, Tyler had decided he needed on-the-job training. He'd found the firm in the phone book and came looking for an internship.

Though the guys at Nfocus weren't sure they needed an intern, Tyler had an ace in the hole. His step-mother had known Joe in high school. With her encouragement, NFocus decided to give Tyler a chance. His random phonebook search paid off as he found a work environment he truly enjoyed, “They work together really well.”

Now a teacher at Full Sail University, Tyler is shooting the “behind the scenes” video for the production. “It's my first big budget project. This is good experience for me,” he said.

While Tyler is shooting video for the movie, his expertise is in editing. He enjoys crafting a piece from the raw footage, but laughs how his hardest work may go unnoticed. He could spend hours making one minute of video look perfect, but the finished result looks so effortless that the client thinks it must have been easy work. “They're just not going to know what you put into it,” he said.

Though he loves the work, Tyler acknowledges that many would find it tedious, “This is something you have to like to do.”


Tyler uses Final Cut Pro HD to edit stills from his raw behind-the-scenes footage.

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