Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joey Lauren Adams Joins Endure

Playing a pivotal role in Endure is Actor/Director Joey Lauren Adams. Maybe best remembered for her distinctive voice, Adams has appeared in numerous popular and well-respected films. Fans of director Keven Smith will remember Adams as Alyssa Jones in Chasing Amy and Gwen in Mallrats.

At 19, Adams moved from her home state of Arkansas to San Diego to attend college. Then she decided to try Hollywood, “I went to L.A. thinking, ‘I’m going to explore.’ I thought I’d try acting; you never know.” **

Adams wrote and directed Come Early Morning. Drawing on her childhood in Arkansas, Adams filmed the movie on location in Little Rock. Asked how she was able to keep her passion during the five years it took to fund the film, Adams replied, "It turned into obsession, not passion."

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