Monday, May 11, 2009

Thanks to Bartow Regional Medical Center

One of our few locations outside of Lakeland was the Bartow Regional Medical Center. The hospital closed their Post Surgical Unit for an all-day shoot. We're sure the many crew, cast, and production trailers looked like an advancing invasion force as they pulled onto hospital grounds.

From entry badges to in-house directions to off-duty personnel, BRMC went all out to make sure patient care wasn't compromised while making the Endure crew feel welcome.

It was a long day in tight quarters, but filming in the hospital will ensure a realistic look for the film. Select BRMC staff spent their off day helping with the film. For one key scene, a BRMC team portrayed operating room doctors and nurses. From setting up monitors to the proper look of wounds, the staff helped out the crew.

I witnessed one small scene where BRMC staff made sure reality was key. A prop crewperson set up a surgical tray and adjusted the instruments "just so." As he walked away, a BRMC nurse casually put the instruments in the correct order. During the scene, she was going to need to grab them without looking and they needed to be correctly placed. Of course, the prop person wouldn't know the proper order for the tools, but it made a difference to the expert.

Every member of BRMC we encountered showed such expertise, patience, commitment, and a desire to help with the film. We are very grateful for their work, and for the opportunity to film at their facility.

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Anonymous said...

I work at BRMC and this was very exciting for us.For one day we were part of "Hollywood". THANKS