Monday, May 4, 2009

Mister Fish

Last Tuesday, the Endure cast and crew had the pleasure of filming at one of Lakeland's best known locations: Mister Fish. Using a crane for the shots outside the eatery, Director Joe O'Brien made sure to get one nice shot of the familiar Mister Fish sign. Let's hope it makes the cut.

Lakeland residents make the small corner restaurant a busy place during lunch. Add the public library, a film crew, and dozens of onlookers and Palmetto was a very busy street. The crew barricaded the street -- with permission of course -- to allow our drivers to portray background traffic.

We'd like to thank Mister Fish for letting us interrupt their day, the Lakeland Public Library and the Polk Museum of Art for loaning us a sizable portion of their parking lot, and all the businesses and homes for letting us inconvenience them to make Endure.

After the end of filming, we'll have longer thank you for all those who've helped with sets, street closings, and other inconveniences. Tonight we have to hide away in a basement.

Yes, there are basements in Florida. Here it is...


Anonymous said...

whoo hoo! I love the fact that Lakeland gets movie publicity!

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