Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lakeland Premiere Activities

There are a number of festivities surrounding the upcoming Lakeland Premiere of Endure on April 16 at the Polk Theatre. You'll want to get your tickets before Friday. We've had four straight sell-outs.

For those planning on attending make an extra effort to take advantage of these fun opportunities....

7:00 PM Photo Opportunities on the Red Carpet (BYoC -- Bring Your Own Camera)
7:30 PM Doors Open - Mad rush for seats
8:00 PM Screening Begins -- If no one falls in the mad rush for seats.
9:45 PM Question & Answer Time With Filmmakers -- Not just any filmmakers...the ones that made Endure.
10:30 PM After Party at Molly McHugh's Irish Pub (10% off tab with ticket stub) - (With that kind of savings you may temped to run Molly's out of Guinness. Please designate a driver or ask for cab)
2:00 AM Go Home. -- No, seriously go home.


Anonymous said...

I can't make the Lakeland premier, but I would be happy to wear an ENDURE t-shirt or hat if I HAD ONE.

Laura Ward said...

They're $20 on enduremovie.com

tercha66 said...

I did see the premiere screening of the movie "ENDURE" at the GIFF in Ybor City on 3/20 and thoroughly enjoyed myself. And I plan to see it "again" this Friday at the Polk Theater here in Lakeland.

There's just something about seeing your own neighborhood up there on the big screen that just makes you so darn proud. Oh, and the actors and storyline are great too!

BTW...I heard the tix are $12.00 at the Polk Theater box office...check it out!