Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ledger Article - Lakeland Trio 'Endures'

Lakeland Trio 'Endures'

What Does it Take to Make a Feature-Length Film?

By Gary White
The Ledger

Somewhere amid the 560,000 acres of the Green Swamp, a young woman is alone, bound to a tree and terrified. The authorities know of her existence only from a photo found at the scene of a late-night car accident. The driver, the only person who could reveal her whereabouts, is dead. The scenario poses a bewildering challenge for law-enforcement officials in the nearest city.

Fortunately, that city is not the actual Lakeland but the fictional Lake-ridge. The woman, the dead abductor and the detective leading the desperate search all exist only on paper, having sprung from the mind of Lakeland's Joe O'Brien.


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Born Blue said...

Sounds like a movie that will leave you squirming in your seat. I’ll be looking for more updates and think it’s great they decided to film here in L-town.