Friday, January 4, 2008

"Endure" Screenplay Attracts Industry Attention

When writing the screenplay, it was very important that we design it in such a way that it would attract not only the attention of actors with some star power, but we also wanted the distribution side of the industry to take notice as well. And that's exactly what happened. Two sales agencies that represent films in the marketplace have requested the script, read it, and are now tracking the film's progress. We've had ongoing communication with one in particular agency that has very good success with marketing and selling films in our budget range. We're very optimistic about the industry interest. It's critical we attach the right actor to complete the package.


Mingo said...

I am truly excited that a movie of this type will be created and filmed in Lakeland. Who needs Hollywood?

Robert said...

This femme fatale sounds like her days are numbered. Good luck and post more of the script. You got me hooked!

Mary Correll said...

Just what I wanted, a tantalizing and bizarre movie to remind me there is a real Boogie Man out there.