Saturday, December 8, 2007

State Incentive Fund Article

State Puts Money Into Movie Made in Lakeland
The company received a pledge for reimbursement of $178,916.

By Gary White
The Ledger

The $1.2-million projected budget for the film "Endure" would barely cover the catering costs of a Hollywood blockbuster. For the Lakeland-based NFocus Productions, though, it's a massive sum.

Even as they continue to solicit private financial backing for the project, the filmmakers now can take comfort in knowing nearly one-fifth of their budget will be covered by the state of Florida. The production company recently received a pledge for a reimbursement of $178,916 upon completion of the film, scheduled to be shot next summer in and around Lakeland.

The money is part of a $25 million pool offered during the current fiscal year as incentive for companies to make movies and TV shows in Florida. The state competes with many others that offer tax breaks and financial inducements to lure production companies.


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Brian M. said...

Great idea to film this in Lakeland since Orlando and Tampa get all the movies. Bravo to NFocus!